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About Us

Bob HendersonHendo Contracting was founded in 1979 in Elmont, NY by the present owner, Bob Henderson. Bob started his remodeling career in 1974 at the age of nineteen. After apprenticing for two years, he worked as a sub-contractor for several businesses, establishing a name for himself. After living and working in Queens and Long Island his entire life, Bob and his family decided to move to Rockland County in 1985. It was at that time that Hendo Contracting was established in New City.


Building on an outstanding reputation and referrals from happy customers, Hendo Contracting has continued to grow. With a staff of highly skilled craftsmen, state-of-the-art equipment, a fleet of young trucks, and a building products showroom, Hendo has built a solid reputation in Rockland County as an honest and reliable contractor.

Although the company has grown, their same business practices still apply: attention to detail, quality materials, respect for your property, and fair pricing. And don’t worry; there will always be a Hendo at Hendo Contracting. Bob”s two sons, Phil and Kenny, have worked at jobsites during their summers for years. Now, after graduating from college, they have joined the business full-time.

Many things in the industry have changed since that cold day in January 1974, when Bob first strapped on a tool belt. But, there is one thing that will never change according to Bob Henderson: “If you”re honest and do good work and your prices are fair, people will appreciate you and you will always be busy.”